Girls’ soccer team maintains undefeated streak


Addison Dietzel

The girls’ soccer team gathers with their coaches for a photo after another win is added to their undefeated streak. The past season for the girls’ soccer team added their fourth undefeated season to their streak as they win against opposing teams.

Paris Lawson, Reporter

The girls’ soccer team has managed to go four years without a single loss to another team. The team has gone through many games to achieve this.

Eighth grader Aubrey Dietzel played with the team for two years.

“I had a good experience with them all. We worked well together. But you have a lot of pressure on your back. If you were to lose a game, it puts a lot of disappointment on yourself, but it makes you proud when you win,” Dietzel said.

The end of another 16-0 season brought up other questions on if the undefeated streak would continue.

“There might be a chance, but we got really close with Cambria Heights this year. If we do about the same next year we may lose the streak,” eighth grader Aubrey Dietzel said.

Even though this season is over and the eighth graders on the team will be leaving the team, they looked back on the good memories about the team and their games.

“I have been on the team for two years. I enjoyed the team and players on it the most in soccer. It’s nice to get to know everyone and how they play, and how they like to set things up,” eighth grader Aubrey Dietzel said. 

This seasons games had scores of 5-1 against Bedford, 11-1 against Summerset, 8-0 against Hollidaysburg, 5-4 against Central Mountain, 8-1 against Park Forest, 9-0 against Conemaugh Township, 10-3 against Mount Nittany, 11-0 against Cambria Heights, 9-3 against Somerset, 10-0 against DuBois, 7-0 against Mount Nittany, 6-1 against Hollidaysburg, 9-1 against DuBois, 6-1 against Spring Cove, 5-1 against Bedford and 9-0 against Park Forest.

“Since we’re going to be eighth graders we get to help the new seventh graders and players and teach them what we do,” seventh grader Mary Worley said.

The team looks forward to having another undefeated season next year and meeting new players who join their team.