GGMF offers volunteer opportunities



That looks nice! The Gloria Gates building sits connected to an Evergreen Manors apartment building. The GGMF Evergreen Manors location is where the children from Evergreen Manors go to get help with homework or get social interaction from people outside their families.

Myah Lear, Reporter

Honor Society members are looking for some place to volunteer whether it’s for school or just for themselves. The Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation (GGMF)  accepts volunteers if they are volunteering for school or for church.

The GGMF is a place where elementary students can go to get homework help or just go to communicate with other children their age. The GGMF works out of the Evergreen Manors housing development to help children who live there and are in need of homework help. 

 Alicia Madden of the GGMF Evergreen Manors location is open to having volunteers come in and help with anything that may need done.

“I think that volunteers could be used anywhere and everywhere,” Madden said.

Volunteers have many different options as to what they can do.

“The main thing is to interact with the children because sometimes kids don’t get that one on one interaction or even attention. Sometimes even playing with the children makes a difference. Things such as cleaning or setting up projects can help give the children the experience that they may need,” Madden said.

Madden says there are many different lessons a person can learn working with the kids at the GGMF.

“Things that they could use in everyday life would be just how to interact and deal with other people. I think kids are the most honest, so they might think that they might expect you to say but at the end of the day it might make you a stronger person or help with other everyday things in life,” Madden said.

Working at the GGMF can help prepare people for any career they may want to go into, concerning kids.

Alyssa Ozio used to be a part of the GGMF volunteering section and feels that it gave her a good spectator view of her life.

“Yeah it showed me the different ways kids either occupy themselves and how they act,” Ozio said.

Ozio expressed that if you want to do the childcare courses at the high school, that GGMF would be a good place to go to get some experience.

“It will give them a great perspective on how different age groups interact with each other,” Ozio said.

There isn’t a very high number of students who decide to volunteer at the GGMF Evergreen Location.

“I feel like they don’t know about it or they think it’s just not helpful but it is,” Ozio said.

Madden expressed that for some people it may be harder to adapt but will be a valuable experience.

“I see that both ways. I think it depends on your background, and if you are shy, you might have a hard time, but if you are open and willing I think it would be fine,” Madden said. “I feel that it is a good place to volunteer if you want to try to make a great difference and everyday is a new one.”