Spending time with family members in quarantine



Read and share! On April 2 Moaz Hamid reads a book, so he can then share his favorite part of it with his family. He shared his favortie part of the book with his family right after reading it.

On March 16 governor Tom Wolf announced the start of quarantine in the state of Pennsylvania to slow down the spread of Covid-19. 

Spending  time at home could be very boring especially when it’s quarantine. Although it might be very boring, you and your family can spend so much fun time together. 

Playing games, drawing, painting, writing or doing anything that you enjoy doing may change your whole view of quarantine. This is a serious time where you should be at home, but you can still have fun. 

“It really means a lot to spend time with my family even if they get on my nerves sometimes,” ninth grader Christine Jordan said. 

The purpose of quarantine is to stay at home, so the virus won’t spread as fast.

“My little brother really likes to draw with me. It’s cute to see him sit across the table from me with a pen and make up a whole story about his drawing.,” ninth grader Bella Davis said. 

Drawing with younger siblings can help them practice their fine motor skills, which is a good use of quarantine. 

“We usually play games and watch movies together,” Jordan said. 

We don’t know for how long we will be in quarantine, so trying to have a better relationship with family members could be a good choice to make.

“My family doesn’t spend a lot of time together, but when we do we usually eat ice cream and watch a show together,” Davis said.

Trying new activities with family members could be helpful to have a good relationship during quarantine.

“It’s important to have an understanding of each other to be able to support one another. Supporting each other is very important in such a relationship,” Davis said.

According to Davis, support is important in family relationships.

“I like being able to still have fun even though we are quarantined. I mean quarantine is kind of boring, but family members make it fun. However, they can be really loud whenever I’m trying to do my work or get some rest,” Jordan said.

Healthy relationships between family members take time. 

“I really like that we’re all vastly different and still kind of get along even if we irritate each other now and then,” Davis said.  “I think trying to understand each other’s problems is the best solution for stopping these little arguments.”