News brief: Addictive Drugs

“After investigating the most resent research and data, I push out through social media all the necessary information about drug addiction to my students, ” says Rose.


"Healthcare Costs" by Images_of_Money is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Easily, prescription pills become highly addictive. Sadly, prescription pills sell daily for money.

Recently, Kristina Rose’s eighth grade class, “Real World” studied about addictive prescription drug use. In this class, students learn important information to prepare for adulthood. During the interview, Rose said, “I want students to be familiar and aware of how highly addictive these drugs are to prevent them from use or addiction, but also to have the steps on how to quit.”

In Rose’s class, students discovered that people can easily become addicted to prescribed medication. In the Scholastic Choices magazine from November 2016 , article, “Heroin Took Over Our Town” it states that 70 percent of teens who abuse prescription drugs say they stole pills from friends and family. Additionally, the article listed that deaths from overdoses have tripled in the U.S. since 2010. These facts indicate how serious a problem prescription pills pose for teenagers.

“With the creation of new drugs every year, I want my students to have the information to make smart decisions,” said Rose.