News brief: Local Diner staying open during pandemic


Abigail Shearer

The world wide pandemic doesn’t take away from Tom and Joe’s dining experience. They continue to stay open and take care of their customers

On December 12, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf decided to shut down inside dining again for the second time during the COVID-19 pandemic, but local diner, Tom and Joes, has other plans. The restaurant wanted to keep their dining room open because it’s better for business and continues to make their customers happy.

“When an individual places an order over the phone, the customer upon pick up can choose to dine inside if that’s what they desire,” says Tom and Joe’s employee, Robert Mesmer Sr. COVID-19 guidelines remain in effect while customers  dine inside, so they must wear a mask and stay six feet apart. Customers can place orders online and find other information at the Tom and Joes website.