Lena’s Cafe serves delectable Italian dishes

Phone number:(814) 943-9655

Altoona residents fawn over Lena’s Cafe and its enticing Italian cuisine. The cafe’s impeccable food, matched with their welcoming setting and friendly employees make the business a local favorite.


The cafe offers traditional, mouthwatering Italian dishes. Incredible lasagna, stuffed shells, crab cakes, spaghetti, ravioli, soups, seafood, sandwiches,  beverages and delicious appetizers are just some of the many cuisines available (on certain days).  The local restaurant also includes the option of having its homemade tomato sauce and pasta available with most of their dishes. Due to the coronavirus, the cafe now offers frozen pans of lasagna, spaghetti and other foods for later consumption. Also, Lena’s Cafe features take-out options for customers. I believe that the prices of these products are reasonable and range around ten dollars. Compared to one of their competitors, the Olive Garden chain, Lena’s prices and in my opinion taste of dishes are far superior.  


Owned and operated by third generation Casey Higgins, Lena’s Cafe employs friendly people that provide exceptional service. They serve the delectable food without much wait and are very helpful.  The employees create a comfortable and kind environment for the consumers.


Likewise, the cafe’s indoor setting is exceptional. It is kept clean and welcoming. The space has a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and it is a great place to hold family or friend gatherings. The tables maintain distance from one another and comply with all coronavirus restrictions. The business location is favorable and easily accessible in a family friendly area. The business is located at 2000 8th Ave, Altoona, PA.  Hours of operation can be found on their Facebook page.


Lena’s Cafe enchants customers with its palatable dishes, exceptional service, and relaxed area.  I recommend supporting Lena’s Cafe and experiencing remarkable tastes and service.