Pranks, mayhem and strategies for boredom


Theresa King

A funny and entertaining comic book filled with amusing activities to occupy time when boredom occurs.

Gumball and his brother, Darwin, teach readers how to perform creative strategies and schemes when bored. For example, they teach readers how to pull off pranks,  how to create mayhem, how to cook, how to become a pro and etc. “The Amazing World of Gumball Mayhem Manual” by Mark Shulman is a funny children’s book! 

This novel transformed into an animated series on Cartoon Network, and the way each character acts in the book is the same way they act in the show!  My favorite chapter would definitely have to be ‘How to get along with your brother (or goldfish)’ because it’s so amusing! Gumball and Darwin’s sibling relationship is the best because their closeness and being each other’s best friend. 

 I rate this book a 10 out of 10! I love how it was well set up with the different fonts and colorful pages! Also, I  enjoyed that it wasn’t too long but filled with interesting events in 79 pages. Each chapter actually gave one activity readers could perform when bored in real life. Read to find out how put a dent into every dodgeball, become a world class spy and more!

Everything the characters perform or say in the book reveal the same character in the TV show as well. For example, on page 36, Gumball told readers that he was going to walk with style because he was done with walking. I recommend this book to any child, but I think it would be for children ages 8-12 depending on how much he or she enjoys animated series. I would consider watching a couple of the episodes before reading the book in order to know how each character actually acts and what makes up the plot and manual!