News brief: The 2021 Drama Showcase


Olivia Wilt

Break a leg! Lauren Metrik was one of the talented performers in the drama showcase. “My favorite part was the piano act at the end, Metrik said.

On Wednesday, March, 10 the 2021  Drama showcase occurred;  Stacy Palilla and Principal Lori Mangan constructed a pandemic free performance displaying a combination of small acts, a solo and a fantastic piano performance. 

All spring students that signed up last year were granted permission to participate in the drama showcase; however, all of the drama students needed to audition for an opening. The showcase was a low-profile display to prevent any unnecessary exposures to COVID-19. Palilla and many of the students still wanted a little entertainment to show the gratitude they have for the school and the drama program. “We still wanted to give students an opportunity to participate on stage while still having a safe place to perform,” said Palilla. Many  teachers dedicated time to the success of the drama program.

Before returning back to school, many students went through drastic life changes, so for safety purposes all students and teachers wore a mask at the showcase. All these safeguards led to an amazing and  fantastic show.