News brief: Become More Involved in Speech League


Abigail Shearer

So excited! Kinsley Palilla is eager to be able to compete next year. “I love that I can express myself through words,” Palilla said.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the interaction of the Speech League council, but Michele Hallinan and her kiddos manage to keep it all together and have fun doing it!

It’s not too late to join! “Numbers of students attending is not as high as I would like, but it’s a start.” Hallinan said.  Students have a scene of freedom when it comes to choosing their own material to compete with. They have all kinds of choices from drama, poems and so on.  Hallinan said, “It is a good opportunity for them to connect with me and other students.”

To find more information about how to join Speech League visit room 312 on the 7 grade floor for further information.