What is your favorite childhood memory?


“My favorite childhood memory is whenever I used to eat grass to weird people out in sixth grade at Juniata Gap. I find it funny and looking back on it, it fills me with immense joy,” said 8th grader, Griffen Hollen. (Photographed by Bryana Ayala)

“My favorite childhood memory is when I would go to my grandma’s house with my cousin all day until I got sunburnt. I still go there to this day to make more memories,” says eighth grader Ava Reulbach. (Photographed by Allison Little)


“My favorite childhood memory was when my baby sister was born because I have never had a younger sibling and meeting her made me very happy,” seventh grader Gabrielle Filer said.                 (Photographed by Andrea Slusser)


“My favorite memory is going down to the Outer Banks with my whole family in the summer of 2019; I have a picture, and I also got a shell necklace. This is my favorite because it was a time where my whole family got together and that doesn’t happen much anymore. The only thing I would want to change is I wish I would have been more involved with my family instead of doing my own thing,” said eighth grader Brooke Everhart. (Photographed by Abigail Shearer)


“My favorite childhood memory is when my mom, dad, brother, 2 sisters and I went to Ocean City, Maryland. I feel my relationship got stronger with my family and spending time together made me realize how much I love them. I believe that just being with my family and everyone getting along made it special,” says Avelynne Yost.                                     (Photographed by Megan Giles)