Weightlifting Relieves Stress


Isabella E. Bush

Ready, set, go! CrossFit participants prepare for a workout session. Dorman’s Sports Performance opened on August 15, 2015.

After receiving over 100 notifications a day in Google Classroom, students become burned out, annoyed and angered; these frustrations added onto a year full of unpredicted changes in our education create undesired or added stress.

Weightlifting has definitely helped me relieve stress after a long day of school. I can forget about all of the overwhelming assignments that I received just by working out and lifting weights. 

Weightlifting puts me in a much better mood because it allows me to release my negative energy. It increases my self confidence and helps me relax. Exercising and lifting weights helps me focus and forget about all the negative things that caused me to become stressed. My mood goes from stressed to relaxed in just a couple of minutes after working out. After I do a few snatches or clean and jerks, all of the stress melts away, and I feel much better than before. Weightlifting relieves stress which benefits my mind and body. 

Also, weightlifting helps pump up endorphins. According to an article on Mayo Clinic, “Physical activity may help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.” This amazing feeling helps us relax and forget about everything bad that has happened. We can relieve stress just by performing exercises and lifting weights.

Furthermore, weightlifting creates a positive mind. It allows participants to stay focused and keep a good attitude when trying to relieve stress. It creates positive feelings throughout our bodies because it helps relieve negative feelings, which then takes away all of the stress. This sport allows people to have a better attitude just by working out and lifting weights. The more energy we burn off, the better we feel. The website A Healthier Michigan goes into more detail about three reasons one should life to beat stress.

Likewise, it allows us to set new goals for ourselves. When someone lifts more weight than the previous weeks, it boosts their confidence up and allows them to feel much stronger. As we get stronger, our bodies feel as if it can handle more pressure like lifting more weight for instance. We can set new goals for ourselves such as hitting a personal record (PR). When someone hits a new PR, confidence increases too. Setting and exceeding goals for can really help relieve stress because accomplishing new goals can put anyone in a better position and motivate him or her.

Participating in the things we love most can really come in handy when relieving stress. Sports and other activities that we enjoy can really help us focus more on positive things in life and forget about all of the negative things that have occurred in our lives. For me, weightlifting helps relieve stress every day and allows me to set goals for myself