What are you looking forward to while on Summer Break?


Isabella Bush

“Spending time with my friends and dancing in the studio,” eighth grader Rylie Keagy said.

Kalea Evans, eighth grader, said, “I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends and going on vacation this summer.”  (Photographed by Brandon Lyle)


Sixth grader, Harlee Noel, said, “Over summer break, I’m looking forward to going on vacation, spending more time with family and also getting more time to sleep in.” (Photographed by Theresa King)



“Going to the beach, and surfing,” said Mary Stoltz. (Photographed by Olivia Wilt)



“I am most looking forward to hanging out with friends. I am very excited to go to DelGrosso’s, Racetown and hanging out on my birthday in June,” Chaylah Whitt said. (Photographed by Charlie Kephart)


“Hanging out with my friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want,” said eighth grade student Stayley Drenning.  (Photographed by Dominic Danastasio)