Athletes during quarantine


Allison Little

Goal! Lia Sankey worked hard on improving her shot in soccer over quarantine. She said, “I worked hard because I wanted to stay in shape for the upcoming track and soccer seasons.”

On March 13, 2020, all schools in the state shutdown leaving student-athletes with an overwhelming amount of free time. The initial months of quarantine were some of the most crucial times for these athletes’ development. Some people didn’t realize just how important working out alone could be to maintaining and developing new skills. 


Many junior high school athletes used their spare time to improve their skills. Basketball star, Melana Eyer, said, “During quarantine I made sure that during any of my free time, I had a basketball in my hands even if it was only for five minute because I knew that I had competition out there that was also working hard. Also, Eyer said, “I did a lot of shooting drills to improve my shot.”


Those crucial few months might still be paying off for many athletes. When asked if she thought her hard work was paying off, Alannah Irwin said, “Yes, because I still think back to the moves I practiced months ago and apply them to my soccer games. I focused on and perfected one specific move; the shoulder dip.”


Another athlete, Lia Sankey, used her free time to train for track.  She ran most days each week during quarantine to ensure she was in top shape. Sankey said,  “I think my hard work paid off because I did well in my track season.”


Coaches also played a big role in athletes training even if they were not allowed to have organized practices and training sessions.  From virtual zoom workouts, to emails with inspiring quotes, coaches were required to use alternative methods to keep their athletes in shape. Marc Frye, an assistant coach for the girl’s soccer team and a highly successful club soccer coach, said, “I can always tell you exactly on my team who did their touches and self-trained on their own time and who didn’t.”


 Working hard alone is a key ingredient for athletic success.