Alan Gratz Author Webcast!


Justina McCaulley

Meet the gamer author who loves pizza!

Our wonderful librarian, Justina McCaulley, hosted an author webcast for seventh graders!

Seventh grade teachers Maggie Lewis, Sonya DeArmitt and  Christine Knott-Hallinan came down to the the library last Wednesday, Feb. 9-Friday, Feb 11 to have a meet and greet with Alan Gratz.

Gratz is a book writer. He makes books about 9/11 and his writing is in a kid’s point of view.

Gratz was always a reluctant reader when he was a kid.  He played video games and joked that he ate a lot of pizza.

In his recorded webcast on YouTube, Gratz shares his purpose for writing books.

“I want to entertain you, and I want to write a book that you can’t put down,” said Gratz.

Some of his book are “Ground Zero,” “Refugee” and “Code of Honor.”