News Brief: New Student Teacher


Sofia Hallinan

Eighth grade English student teacher Emma Burhop is excited to start teaching and getting to know students.

Eighth grade English teacher Bron Clouser welcomed a student teacher to his classroom in January!

Penn State University student Emma Burhop’s mom put her in a teacher camp, which sparked her love for teaching. 

Burhop’s interest in teaching started when she was in sixth grade, but she didn’t always want to be a teacher. When she was younger, she wanted to be a fashion designer. After hearing her mom tell work stories, it inspired her to pursue teaching. 

In the future, Burhop wants to teach high schoolers.

“I want to help teach future generations while preparing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to get a job,” said Burhop.  

 As a student teacher, Burhop is most looking forward to meeting and interacting with all different students. 

At the end of student teaching, Burhop hopes to find new and improved methods of teaching and how she can take learning to a new level while trying to make learning English fun for her students.