News brief: Tyrone’s festivities for St. Patrick’s Day


Sofia Hallinan

Tyrone takes St. Patrick’s Day seriously.

Tyrone pulled off another successful St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

According to, “Although St. Patrick’s Day honors the patron saint of Ireland, the largest celebrations are in the United States.”

In Tyrone there was an exciting lineup of St. Patrick’s Day 2022 events. People can opt for anything and everything to make the most of this holiday.

Individuals can look for prominent and annual St. Patrick Day parades in Tyrone in the future if they want to have the taste of the culture. Also, there are so many things to do like listening to bagpipe players, attending parades and checking out the green rivers and fountains in Tyrone.

Tyrone had vendors and food trucks. There were booths with people selling homemade crafts, Legos or old junk that people were trying to get rid of at the event. The food was a big hit with many people hungry from walking the streets. The parade had fire trucks, motorcycles and old antique cars that were throwing out candy to young children.

All and all, I would say my family and I had a blast at Tyrone’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival. I would definitely go back next year and tell more people about it!