Announcements for Friday, Nov. 4!

(11/2-11/15) Have you ever wanted to improve your ability to speak in a classroom setting?  Would you like to develop your public speaking skills?  Or maybe you are interested in better communicating with others and clearly expressing your ideas? If you are looking to become a better speaker or presenter, then Speech League might be the club for you!  On Wednesday, November 15th, there will be an informative meeting regarding Speech League from 2:45 – 3:30 after school in Mrs. Palilla’s classroom – ROOM 410.  Any student in grades 6-7-8 is welcome to attend. If you are not able to attend the meeting, be sure to join the Google Classroom for more information by using the classroom code zaybiul.


(11/4) Students, the Veterans Day collection ends today after first period.  All monies raised will go to our retired veterans living at the Hollidaysburg VA Home. The three highest-collecting homerooms for each grade level will receive a movie reward in the auditorium. The highest-raising homeroom from each grade level will receive the extra prize of a Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast! The current standings are as follows:

For 8th grade

1st place: Ms. Astle’s homeroom with $116

2nd place: Mrs. Giordano’s with $91.46

3rd place: Mr. Garlick’s with $72.15

For 7th grade

1st place: Mrs. Smith’s homeroom with $141.91

2nd place: Mrs. Klausman’s with $130

3rd place: Mrs. Danish with $80 

For 6th grade

1st place: Mrs. Lang’s homeroom with $206.43

2nd place: Mrs. Merschiltz’s homeroom with $114

3rd place: Mrs. Beagle’s homeroom with $31.75


(11/4) Altoona’s 8th grade football team lost a close game to DuBois 16 – 14.  The team ended the season with a 7-2 record. 


(11/4)  Attention students:  What is this? I always run but never walk. I often murmur but never talk. I have a bed but never sleep.  I have a mouth but never eat.  What am I? If you like puzzles and riddles and the 24 game, come to our Mathcounts meeting Wednesday after school from 2:45 until 3:30.  Please see Mrs. Abbott in C275 for details or email.  (Answer:  A river)