What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


Gaby Sparacino

Eighth grader Gregory Wenzel said, “Ham because my family and I don’t really like turkey, so my family always makes ham.”

“Mashed potatoes and corn because it’s just such a simple dish, but it tastes really good,” said eighth grader Kinsley Palilla.
(Sophia Moran)


“I like stuffing because it’s filling,” said eighth grader Dyllin Poet.
(Emmalee Martyak)


“I like the croissants, and if you add butter they’re ten times better!” said eighth grader Elliot McCloskey.
(Ingrid Steward)


Eighth grader Dominic Nardozza said, “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing because it’s good.”
(Vionna Jackson)


Eighth grader Madison Repko said, “The rolls because they are the only good thing they make.”
(Giuliana Miller)


Eighth grader Jayce Johnston said, “My favorite Thanksgiving food is corn and mashed potatoes.”
(Conner Ryan)