The Metaverse Could Change Everything


"Software engineers use VR headsets in office" by This is Engineering image library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Amazing! As two software engineers explore virtual reality headsets, they also try the control sticks.

Virtual reality could soon be part of our everyday lives if Mark Zuckerberg succeeds at unleashing the metaverse.

In the article, “How Will Metaverse Change Your World?” Facebook claims that with the advanced technology Americans possess in 2022 Zuckerberg wishes to create the first virtual reality headset suitable for real world applications, and he calls it the metaverse. The million dollar question Zuckerberg is trying to reveal is if a virtual reality world is possible.

Zuckerberg and other Facebook founders are investing in creating the metaverse to not only eliminate visiting stores and shopping online, but to create a more efficient world.

The metaverse isn’t a regular video game that displays fake content. It allows a person to explore real places in the world. Although some things are similar, the metaverse allows consumers to create an avatar and play games. This technology will allow people to observe places in the comfort of their own home. 

One main idea behind this headset is to make shopping more immersive and to provide accurate stock availability. Shopping online can often be blinding, websites aren’t always easy to navigate and hide stock that you might find in store. Zuckerberg believes that with the metaverse people can visit places in real time without traveling.

If this headset is released, it is thought to be successful. The technology will allow people to visit places they couldn’t without traveling far distances, sparing them the high gas pricing that Pennsylvania is currently charging. With that comes consumer interest, which is why Zuckerberg has hope in his product doing well. 

The main concept behind the metaverse is to resemble the Internet but in virtual reality by strapping a headset on, revolutionizing websites such as Google.

 Although the metaverse is possible, it will be difficult, requiring time and money, which is why there are mixed opinions on it coming to be. The production is estimated to cost around $10 billion according to the article, “Facebook Expects Metaverse Project Will Cost At Least $10 Billion …,” from Forbes. 

Zuckerberg is taking a vast risk with the headset; however, software engineer Jerrell Jackson said, “Technology’s aim is to make life easier or improve life’s experience. Having seen how virtual reality offers both of those things, I feel it will succeed.”

Without a set release date, the headset is already widely popular. Although 2022 is not metaverse year, it is still taking interest in young and older generations.

 The big mystery is if 2023 will become the release year.