News brief: Veterans Day Fundraiser


Courtesy of Matilda Loy

A check is presented to representatives of the Hollidaysburg Veterans’ Home. A total of $3,179.14 was raised for the veterans home.

The student council fundraiser raised a total of $3,179.14 for the Veterans’ home!  

From Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, the student council held a fundraiser to raise money for the Hollidaysburg Veterans’ Home.  This money will be used to buy holiday gifts for the veterans.  

“All the money is going to be used to buy Christmas presents for the veterans,” said Commandant Samuel Dunkel, “they’ll even be given to them on Christmas morning!”

The three homerooms that raised the most money in each grade got to attend a movie award; the homerooms that raised the most in each grade got breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts.