News brief: Snack Shack grand opening


Riley Glunt

Snack breaks! Christie Klausman, Erika Bailor, Elizabeth Bronson and Michele Holton help run the store. Gold ticket winner for November displayed kindness while December winners displayed gratitude.

The Snack Shack will take place in Erika Bailor’s room 471 for students that receive a golden ticket from their teachers.

Students will be able to go on a certain dates each month. Winners will be able to select one drink and one food item. Some choices include: Gatorade, soda, candy, lollipops, Little Debbie, Pop-Tarts®, chips and donuts.

The reason why not everyone has a chance to go anymore like the previous year is because the school has decided to stop giving out e-bucks.

If you don’t know what an e-buck is, it was a little paper ticket that teachers gave out to students who performed kind actions for one another.