News brief: Scholastic Book Fair


Emmalee Martyak

Books, books, books! Visit the book fair and check out books ranging from $2 to $10 to $25. The library hosts one of the largest Scholastic middle school book fairs.

Students can visit the Scholastic book fair in the library to check out some new reads that they might enjoy!

Dec. 7 – Dec. 13, students will have an opportunity during their ELA or reading classes to go to the book fair. Students will also have the opportunity to go on Dec. 14 for make-ups if they are absent or forget their money. Everything can also be purchased online.  During the book fair, the library will be closed, but no overdue slips will be sent out.  

The book fair is possibly one of the most important school events. 

“I think that any time you give the kids a chance to actually pick out what it is that they want to read, you are developing and promoting reading, and that’s a good thing,” said librarian Justina McCaulley. “You only really get to enjoy reading when you find what it is you like to read, and the book fair allows kids to do that.”