News brief: Spring musical auditions!

Auditions for the Spring musical are on Friday, Dec. 15 for drama club members only.

Those who wish to audition need to sign up on their respective grade level sheets outside drama director Stacy Palilla’s room. There is a packet that needs to be taken, filled out and brought to the audition.

Her classroom is located on the sixth grade floor room number 410. Students will be asked to act out a scene, which will be given to them when they arrive to the audition, as well as sing and perform choreography posted to Google Classroom.

Due to today being a FID day, auditions will be moved to Friday, Dec. 16.

If students feel nervous to audition for this musical, Palilla had this to say.


We try to be as transparent as possible in regards to what an audition will look like.  We do this to help alleviate the unknown.  We want students to feel comfortable so that they can focus on being confident.  The best advice that I can give is to make sure you read your audition packet thoroughly beforehand and arrive at auditions with a positive, upbeat attitude.  You never know what might happen!”