News Brief: Juart’s Food Truck Face-Off


Emmalee Martyak

Eight graders taking foods classes are participating in a food truck face-off as their final projects for the semester. Students made their own original ideas for food trucks to showcase the cooking skills they have learned throughout the year.

This week, eighth grade students in Brandy Juart’s foods for healthy living class will be participating in a food truck face-off against their classmates. 


Students have to create a company with a theme, name, slogan and menu with around 30 items on it. Tuesday, students will do the required prep work, Wednesday, they will cook their samples and Thursday, teachers who volunteer will be able to judge their food trucks.  


Contrary to previous years, this year only teachers will be judging, unlike previous years where students were able to judge their peers’ work. Participants will be judged based on their food, overall truck, presentation, flavor and improvement throughout the semester. The winner will receive a trophy. 


For classes participating, this is the first opportunity they have to come up with their own ideas and recipes.

“I think the majority of students really get into it because this is their opportunity to be creative with the recipes, whereas throughout the semester most of the recipes they had to strictly follow the recipe that was given to them,” said Juart.