Students should be allowed to have water bottles


Sophia Moran

Wrong! Eighth grade student Giuliana Miller shows how students should not drink from the water fountain. Students should not put their whole mouth on the faucet because that is the wrong way to drink from the fountains.

I walked out of the locker room after gym. I was so thirsty! I walked up the stairs and went straight to the water fountain. Right as I was about to take a drink, I looked down. There was gum in the fountain. There was no way I was drinking out of the fountain now. I didn’t have time to go to another fountain because I had to get to class, so getting a drink would have to wait until later.

In that situation, it would have been way easier if I had a water bottle instead of needing to drink out of the fountain. Once I got to my next class or while I was in the locker room, I would have been able to get a drink. 

Whenever COVID-19 struck, everything changed. The water fountains were closed to limit the spread of the disease, so we were allowed to have clear water bottles throughout the day. 

Just this year, the water fountains have officially opened back up. Staff is now strongly enforcing that students are not allowed to carry water bottles and should be drinking out of the fountains unless they have an excuse from the nurse saying that they can have a water bottle. 

Many students don’t like that they aren’t allowed to carry water bottles throughout the school day. They would like to see the change that we are allowed to carry water bottles once again.

According to the article “How Much Water Should I Drink Daily,” by WebMD,  “Teens should drink at least six to eight cups of water a day.”

People may say that students could drink all the water after school, but it’s not the best for them. Students should be drinking water regularly throughout the day, but if they don’t want to drink out of the fountains that isn’t possible. Drinking water is very important for the human body. It keeps it healthy and functioning properly.

Also, drinking from the water fountain could still cause people to get sick, COVID-19, the Flu and many other viruses.  If students are sick and they drink from the water fountain improperly, it could cause the spread of germs onto the faucet and the people who drink after that person could end up getting sick. 

Oftentimes, when students go to get a drink from the water fountain, they look down to discover gum, lollipops and many other gross things in the water fountain. Who would want to drink from a water fountain like that? Yes, students shouldn’t put stuff in the water fountains, but sometimes students don’t use proper water fountain etiquette when drinking, and even though it might seem like it’s not an issue it could be. 

Some students often aren’t allowed to go get drinks from the fountain during class. If we are only allowed to use the fountains and not have water bottles how can we use the fountains if our teachers don’t allow us to? Most teachers normally let students go, but sometimes they just won’t let them go, even if it’s at a convenient time. For example, when they aren’t teaching and students are doing independent work.

Occasionally, whenever students are told they can’t have a water bottle they act out. Also, if teachers are worried about water spilling on work it’s clear liquid and can always dry, it won’t really cause harm. If that is a concern, students can keep their water bottles on the floor when they aren’t taking a drink.

Finally, we should be allowed water bottles is because other people can. Staff is allowed to have water bottles and drink from them throughout the day whenever they want. Also, at the high school, students are allowed to carry water bottles with them throughout the day as long as they are clear. So, why is it fair that they are allowed to have water bottles but we aren’t?

If the change happens and we are allowed water bottles, the school should install new water fountains that students can also use to fill up their water bottles. This would be a great change because students who want water bottles would be able to refill them and the students who prefer to drink straight out of the fountain would be able to. 

This change would allow us to be the responsible students you expect us to be.