How do you feel about having only three months of school left?


Giuliana Miller

Eighth grader Lana Luke said, “I can’t wait for the summer because cross country is starting again.”

“I’m excited for summer to be here, and I can’t wait for us to not have the stress of having to do all this schoolwork. I’m also excited to just chill and relax for the summer, and have fun with my friends and family,” said eighth grader Olivia Wolfe. (Sophia Moran)
Eighth grader Rilynne Murray said, “I am excited for summer but scared for the high school.” (Vionna Jackson)
Sixth grader Dominic Sparacino said, “I’m pretty excited. It’s been a pretty interesting year. First year of middle school, and boy, it’s been quite the journey!” (Kendy Lechner)
Eighth grader Joie Irwin said, “Track is what’s keeping me excited, but without it, I’d want to skip the rest of the year.” (Ingrid Steward)
“Shocked because it all feels like it went by so fast,” said eighth grader Lydia Wise. (Gaby Sparacino)
Eighth grader Julian Trimmer said, “I’m pretty excited because it’s almost over, but I’m also kind of sad because I won’t get to see my friends until next school year.” (Conner Ryan)
“I feel fine,” said seventh grader Leah Bolvin. “I mean, I’m excited for summer. But like, at the same time, I kind of just want school to be over already.” (Emmalee Martyak)
Eighth grader Jada Hood said, “I’m fine with it. I’m excited for summer cause I get to hangout with my friends.” (Riley Glunt)