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All the characters in the game Team Fortress 2 are in this picture.

Team Fortress 2

This game is having a huge comeback in the gaming community because it is now free for pc/mac.  This game is a first person shooter, it is set up with different “classes,” or sets.  Some of the most played “classes” are Heavy Scout Soldier Demoman and Spy.  Each set has their own attributes, such as the heavy having larger or “heavier” weapons and the Scout has a faster speed than the rest of the “classes.”

The longer the game is played, the more chances players have of getting “dropped” weapons, or weapons the game gives automatically.  These items also add a whole new business world into the game.  Players can exchange different weapons and hats (That the character can wear) with other players worldwide.  Players can then become “rich,” in the game meaning that you have expensive items, and your items are worth a lot of money.

This game also has crafting or the creating of different items.  With a certain amount of metal, the in game currency, players can make hats, buy weapons and make weapons.

All of this with the amazing shop, where players can buy weapons and hats, and also the workshop, where anyone can make their own weapons and show it to the makers of the game.

This game rates 4 out of 5 stars.

The only issues with the game are a few technical issues and a few graphical glitches.  Overall this game is a very fun game that can be played on basically any computer.  This game keeps up with the community and what it wants along with its own events such as Christmas and Halloween.  Everyone should at least try this game.

On a second note, I’m having a raffle for this game in particular!  I am giving away a new Halloween item which is a Voodoo Cursed Heavy Soul.  If you are interested in joining this raffle please email your steam name to [email protected]  I then will add you and put you in the raffle.  Each of my raffles will go up the next week when I post my next review.  I will have each of the raffles every other week so keep looking forward to my posts!

All the characters in the game Team Fortress 2 are in this picture.  With Pyro on the far left Heavy in the middle and soldier to the far right.