How did you spend spring break?


Conner Ryan

Eighth grader Derek Musser said, “I spent time with my family and doing things with the community.”

“I spent it with family and friends,” said seventh grader Cameron Edevane. “I went to the mall with my friends and did an egg hunt.” (Emmalee martyak)


“So we went hiking at Jarrett Falls. It’s near McConnellsburg. It’s a two mile hike in to the place, and then we ate lunch and then hiked two miles back. We ate lunch at the top of the waterfall. We were like completely around it,” said eighth grade art teacher John King. “So then I went to dinner with my parents, Karl and Judy, and it was fun. It’s always fun to meet them. So just got some pizza at Best Way. We watched a lot of Netflix shows.” (Gaby Sparacino)


Seventh grader Audrey Douglas said, “I spent time with friends and family and ate lots of food.” (Vionna Jackson)


“I loved hanging out with my friends, and running around the neighborhood,” said eighth grader Skylar Irwin. (Ingrid steward)


“I hung out with family and friends. Spent Easter with my family. I also finished a lot of missing assignments,” said seventh grader Ava Miller. (Sophia Moran)


Eighth grade ELA teacher John Wharton said, “I spent my first day dedicated to sufficiently promising myself to get out to fly fishing, and Saturday, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to a lot of cleanup around the house and working in the woods. So I tried to mix a little bit of fun in with a little bit of work. I just wanted to make sure that I was outside enjoying. That was my biggest goal.” (Riley Glunt)
Seventh grade ELA teacher Lindsey Zerbee said, ” I spent my spring break with family, and I cleaned my house.” (Giuliana Miller)