Club Connections


Photo by Kimberly Nguyen


by kimnguyen
Photo by Kimberly Nguyen

Celebrate diversity! Run by eighth grade teachers Beth  Brunnhuber and Jennifer Wilson, this club opens itself to anyone who disbelieves in judging others and stereotypes. Not only does our school offer great club but so do many other schools around our area. They hope to teach young people about the importance of understanding the differences of others. This club offers so much for the students that joined.

Once every two months, participants in the club shall attend the workshops available. All these workshops lead to the big field trip to the Holocaust Museum, in Washington D.C.. Visiting the Holocaust Museum, where the museum memorializes the millions that died in World War II, students will be obtaining rich knowledge about the 1940’s.

Whether their learning about multiple religions or different disabilities, this club offers so much fun to young kids.