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The best team in the NFL right now is the Kansas City Chiefs. They are the last undefeated team with a record of 9-0. Their head coach, Andy Reid, and the staff have changed the team for the best.

 He has not only changed the team to a winning team, but he has changed the way the team is. Reid has changed the way the team works and has the staff to back him up. The offense still needs improved because if they continue to struggle, they will threaten a good thing.

They have a good defense and a good coaching staff. Dontari Poe, nose tackle, has contributed a lot to the defense. His pass-rushing has helped the outside rushers. Tyson Jackson and Mike Devito, defensive ends, have been good and at times spectacular against runs.

Their offense has been struggling, especially in the wide receiver position. Many of the receivers have had their moment, such as Donnie Avery and Dexter McCluster, but haven’t done enough.

All in all, the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team. They have a good defense with key players. They also have an okay offense. They have good players on offense that haven’t had their time to shine. They have a good coaching staff that have changed the team for the good.