Home cooking on a budget


Good recipes you can enjoy at home without breaking the budget.

Here’s a complete meal you can try.

Amazing Sloppy Joe with a side of mac n cheese and fried potatoes.

Sloppy joe instructions:

*Take about a pound of half of a pound of hamburger and fry it until it’s brown.

*Add yellow mustard about 3 Tbs

*Stir good

*Add brown sugar, half a cup

*Stir and let cook

*Add a little bit of ketchup and water

You can eat the sloppy joe on or off a bun. I chose not to use a bun.


Mac N Cheese instructions:

*Boil macaroni

*Drain water

*Cut up a few pieces of Velveeta cheese

*Add a 2 tsp of butter and half a cup of milk and stir until melted


Fried Potatoes:

*Peel about half a bag of potatoes ( or however much you like)

*Wash them and slice them into about 1 inch thick slices

*Spray some cooking oil in your pan

*Add a pinch of salt and pepper

*Let fry until crispy brown

 Photo by: Danielle Diehl