Cartoon Fanatic: Adventure Time


This week’s throwback is Adventure Time! Photo courtesy of Lynsey Davis.

This blog features students favorite cartoons.

Along with many other cartoons, Adventure Time is one of students’ favorites. The show is about a boy named Finn and a talking dog named Jake who take on many adventures together. Along with the adventures they have together, they meet many new friends on the trip to battling different monsters and people, such as the Ice King.

The Ice King on the show is Finn and Jake’s nemesis. He is the villain in the land that nobody likes or talks to. Jake is Finn’s best friend and plays the “big brother” role to Finn. They are both always finding trouble on the show, even if they don’t mean to.

This television show is supposed to reflect on the life of children outside of school and home. It is supposed to represent their imagination.

Adventure Time does show some violence with defeating the monsters and the Ice King. The show also can teach kids a lesson. One of the lessons that viewers may learn watching the show is that keeping secrets is important, no matter the circumstances. A couple other things that viewers can learn from it is that they shouldn’t be too attached to physical things, and for them to respect others if they want the same respect.