Reel Time

Each week I will interview a student and feature his/her favorite movie.

Welcome to the first installment of Real Time.

This week the spotlight is on Julian Saborio, ninth grade student at Altoona Area Junior High School.

His favorite movie is James McTeigue’s The Raven.

This movie is a remake of Roger Corman’s that was made in 1963. The setting of the story is in Baltimore, Maryland in 1849. The lead character is Edgar Allen Poe(John Cusack). There are a series of murders that start to occur, and they are based off of his own stories. This forces Poe and one inspector Emmett Fields(Luke Evans) to search for the murderer and find his love, Emily Hamilton(Alice Eve). Searching for the murderer/kidnapper Poe is poisoned and dies.

This movie is 111 minutes long and earned $26,059,817 in box office.