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                                    Fantastic photos of the week

This weeks featured photos are from the game night held in the gymnasium. At game night, students participated in fun games and sports. The students played basketball, dodgeball and badminton.

This picture is of students Maceo Day and Conner Huber playing basketball. It was a very intense game.

Woah! Maceo Day and Conner Huber played a great game of basketball. It was hard to tell who won, but it was very amusing to watch.


Say cheese! Once students Steven Snowden and Kim Nguyen realized that cameras were around, they were eager to pose for pictures.


Unfortunately, not many students participated in game night. Thousands of students attend the school. As a student body, there is obviously not much participation outside of clubs and extracurricular activities.  There is a food lab coming up, and it sounds like a lot of fun! Students should definitely show their school spirit by coming out and making some delicious food.  The food lab will be Nov. 19.