Name brands attack


In this generation the only thing that matters is how expensive your shoes are.  Or what name brand your purse is.  Coach, Vera Bradley, Sperrys and Uggs are all a part of this name brand phenomenon.  But, why?  Is it because they’re all expensive?  Or because all of the cool kids have them?

It’s ridiculous to waste money on new trends that become suddenly popular one day and fall off the face of the earth the next.  Why waste not only money, but also time on trying to keep up with that?   Get what you want and flaunt it.   Not because everyone else likes it but because you do.  It may not be the name brand most of the kids are used to, or even ever heard of…and it might not be really expensive! But who cares, right?  You made a deal and look great doing it!  Now that’s something to be proud of.

Don’t try to make people like you by buying  the most expensive name brands.  If you can’t  afford them and want to get the knock off for a quarter of the price, then do it! It’s you that’s going to be wearing them, no one else.  So why bother even caring about what they think?  It’s all about you and what you like.  Don’t let other people influence you.  If they do, then you’re going to be just as bad as those who feel that it is only acceptable to get the most popular shoes or most heard of purse.  Who wants to just blend in all the time?  In the end, we don’t all get recognized in groups of Uggs, Sperrys and North Faces.  We get recognized by being who we are and owning it.  rsz_sperrys_pic_name_brand_column (1)