Festive Treat


Photo by: April Leandri

~A dish to try on a holiday or a special/certain occasion~

 Christmas is coming up and families make all kinds of treats from, cookies and cake to brownies and pies.  Christmas time gives the opportunity for putting up the Christmas tree, decorating and to tie it all together, cooking.  Here’s a special dish to make to get into that Christmas spirit.  Make this fast and easy recipe called, Chocolate Pretzel Bites.  This is a great recipe because it doesn’t take long or cause stress if anyone is in a rush.  They taste delicious and don’t disappoint. It takes approximately five minutes to make and 30 minutes to harden in the fridge.




– 1 bag of small pretzel twist

– 1 bag of green and red M&M’s

– 1 bag of hershey kisses




1. Place pretzel twists on a microwavable plate.

2. Put one unwrapped Hershey kiss on each pretzel.

3. Melt in microwave approximately 1 minute. Check after 1 minute to see if the chocolate melted but not completely.

4. Pull out of microwave and press one M&M in the center of each Hershey Kiss.

5. Put in fridge to cool and harden.  Keep in fridge till ready to serve.


Photo by: April Leandri
Photo by: April Leandri