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How to Handle Being Different

Our uniqueness is what makes us common. It is the same fact that we are unique that we as individuals have in common.” -Sarah Ross


Do you ever  feel different or like an outsider?  I’ve got news for you. Every single person on earth, myself included,  has felt this way at one point or another.

But if you are comfortable with who you are, then people are going to be comfortable with you. If you can be confident, other people will feel at ease with you, and then all those differences you were so bothered by, aren’t going to matter. So how does one become comfortable with oneself? How do you get in touch with who you are?


  • Admit it.  Say out loud ” Yes, I am different.” “Yes, I am unique.” “Yes, I am cool, awesome and unique and no one can change that!”

  • Get self confidence.  Everyone has something that makes them feel good about themselves.  So do it.  Buy cool clothes, sing, dance, etc. Whatever makes them confident. People need self confidence to be themselves, and not that person everyone else wants them to be.

  • Take action.  If people could just be themselves, everyone would be so much happier. If you’re quiet, be quiet. If you’re a hippie at heart, then be a hippie.  Just remember that people don’t always act themselves because they’re scared of being judged, so don’t judge people because there could be more to that person than someone can see.

  • Create a style.  If someone truly loves Abercrombie, let them wear it without being judged by (for an example) the Hollister crowd. But don’t wear it because everyone else is. If some people like jeans and dresses, let those people wear them.

  • Fill in all the spaces!  This means, whatever else you want! You can make a catch phrase, join a club, take a sport or anything that you like! Just as long as you do it with pride and be yourself while doing it.

There is nothing wrong with being different.  Being different is a good thing in the end, because that just means that you stood out from the rest of the crowd and acted like yourself, while still standing your ground and making a difference on the way people see themselves on a daily basis.

What is the definition of different?  It means, “not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.”

Who wants to be the same as everyone else, all the time?  Not me.  So it’s okay being different and if anyone ever needs help understanding and or accepting their differences, then look around, because everyone is “different” in their own way.

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