Pets Gone Wild


PIcture by: Seth Snyder

PIcture by: Seth Snyder
Photo by: Seth Snyder

Pets Gone Wild

Highlights a student’s pet every week

This week Sullivan is the featured Pets Gone Wild pet of the week.  Sully is a Blue Nose Pitbull and is owned by ninth grader Seth Snyder.

“We call him Sully because he is a gentle blue monster like Sully off of Monsters Inc,” Snyder said.

They are very nice dogs and love all types of people.

“He is very friendly to kids and to all people,” Snyder said.  “He insists that you scratch his butt.”

 If someone were to get one of these dogs it is best to start obedience training as soon as you get it.

“He never barks,” Snyder said.

 “Sully likes to eat mops, and he is scared of fireworks and vacuums,” Snyder said.  “He also loves bunny slippers.”

 The Blue Nose Pitbull should be washed monthly.

“We bathe him every month unless he does something stupid,” Snyder said.

 Blue Nose Pitbulls should be walked at least once every other day.

“We walk him weekly,” Snyder said.