Pets Gone Wild


Photo by: Tyler Rispoli

Highlights a students pet every week

This week Bernie is the Pets Gone Wild pet of the week.  Bernie is a Beagle-Retriever mix.  He is seven years old and belongs to seventh grader Casey Rispoli.

 “We have had Bernie for six years.  We got him from the pound,” Rispoli said.

 This type of dog should be washed every once a month.

“We wash him every six to eight weeks,” Rispoli said.

Since a Beagle-Retriever mix has short hair they don’t need to be washed as frequently.

“I walk him either every day or every other day,” Rispoli said.

An owner of this type of dog should walk it at least every other day.

These types of dogs are very intelligent and are very playful.  “One time my dog put all my covers and pillows around my bed like a nest before I made my bed,” Rispoli said.

A Beagle-Retriever mix are very nice and they love everybody.

“He loves everybody, especially himself,” Rispoli said.


Photo by: Tyler Rispoli
Photo by Tyler Rispoli