Teen tips

Teen tips

How to Deal with Peer Pressure

It is not easy to deal with peer pressure, but here are a few tips on to help someone deal with peer pressure.

Peer pressure can be a hard thing to deal with sometimes.  It can affect the life of those under peer pressure in many ways.  Peer pressure seems to affect popularity, social status, grades, friendships and more…  Many kids are too scared to admit that they are under peer pressure, so they go with it, not knowing how to deal with it.  But here are some tips on how to deal with peer pressure under the influence:

  • Build a strong sense of self confidence and self esteem:  When people act confidently and believe in themselves and know they don’t need to impress other people or do what others say to feel good or accepted, that is a good first step.

  • Know the limits and have respect for yourself:   When people have respect, they don’t feel guilty or pressured into following what other people tell them to do because they know what their own morals, limits and sense of right and wrong are.

  • Remember the consequences of your actions:  Each action one may go through when under peer pressure will have important consequences, bad or negative decisions may hurt oneself or those they love around them.

  • Stay around and socialize with a good group of friends:  If there is a bad group of kids who people may think do bad things then do the right thing and stay clear of them.  This is the same for those who are known for being in  “the bad crowd” and have poor grades.

If people would follow these helpful tips on how to handle and even avoid peer pressure, they will find themselves staying out of bad situations and trouble. Sometimes the most important part of saying no to peer pressure is simply standing up for what you believe in, and finding the confidence to say “no” and mean it.

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