Pets Gone Wild


Highlights a students pet every week

 This week’s “Pets Gone Wild” pet is a dog named Totsie.  Totsie is a German Shepherd-Doberman mix.  He weighs 75 pounds and is two and a half feet.  He is two years old and belongs to seventh grader Devyn Freet.

“She is loyal and protective and always stays nearby,” Freet said.

These types of dogs are very loyal and make good guard dogs.Photo by: Devyn Freet

“I walk her at least once a week,” Freet said.

These dogs should be walked every other day or at least let outside every day and need a lot of exercise.

“One time she dug a hole under the shed and got stuck until we got her out,” Freet said.

This breed of dog should be washed every month.  They aren’t washed as often as most dogs because they have short hair.

“Me and my family wash the dog every month,” Freet said.