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Is the New Year bringing a new you?

 Kicking off the new year great with tons of new fashion ideas coming into the spring season. While we are still in what is considered winter, the fashion industries are already coming out with new trends for the new year.

 New trends such as vibrant colors and things that catch your eye are showing a lot more this coming up season. Bright colors not only in your clothes but shoes and makeup as well. Since the saying goes ‘’ New Year, new you’’ this is the time to start over and try new things.

While some people may want to have a resolution to lose weight or try breaking a bad habit, many people are trying new risky fashion trends. Try new things, don’t be afraid!

As shown in Seventeen Magazine new trends such as

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big stripes and funky polka dots a on shirts and shirts are really starting to show in the fashion industries.

Word play is one of the many ways that tells about the new fashions that should be in your wardrobe. Word play is shirts that have a bold writing or print on it such as slogans or a plain word.

Plaid shirts, denim jackets and ripped up pants are more of an urban, fashionable cowgirl. Not only is it a good trend for the spring but all year round. Adding jewelry and little things such as belts can make the glam part of the cowgirl show more.

With the new year, the new you can try a new hairstyle or the way you do your makeup. Try new colors, make changes in your wardrobe and make people ask ‘’Oh my gosh! Where did you get your outfit? It’s so cute!’’ You’ll get tons of comments on the new you and it’ll surely get peoples attention!

Making a new year fashion list of resolutions would be a great idea. Maybe donating  old or used jeans  can help many teens in need or that are homeless. Use some old tee shirts, cut them up and make new ones to save your family some money.

I really hope all these tips help to get your new year look started! Stay tuned for next week’s blog.


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