Reel Time

This is Reel Time and this week our student is ninth grader Isabel Walter. Her favorite movie is The Heat.

The Heat isn’t that old of a movie at all, it was actually made in 2013. The movie stars Sandra Bullock playing an uptight FBI special agent that gets paired up with a raunchy Boston street cop, Melissa McCarthy, to take down a callous drug lord. The film is guaranteed to leave the viewers rolling on the floor with laughter although it is not for the young kids.

The director of the movie is Paul Feig. Feig is known for his many other films like Bridesmaids, Knocked Up, and Bad Teacher. Feig only has one award which is the Directors Guild of American Award for Outstanding Directing- Comedy Series. One of his other newest films, Bridesmaids, was an Emmy Nominated film.

This movie is absolutely gut-wrenching and it’s a great film to watch with friends and older family members. Tune in next week for another update of Reel Time.