Carve the pow: Legacy Snowboard by Neversummer Industries doesn’t disappoint

This snowboard is made by Neversummer.
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If anyone is looking for a snowboard, has a few years of experience, and enjoys riding the mountain, but not jibbing then the Neversummer legacy is for you.

The Neversummer Legacy snowboard has many nice features and is good for almost every part of the mountain. The board is an all mountain freestyle board and is softer and more forgiving.  It’s harder to catch edge than any other snowboard. This is because the edges towards the tip of the board are curved up. Some boards when you ride wobble back and forth and the Neversummer legacy has solved this problem.

This board  is more of a free ride board. I wouldn’t use this board for jibbing, but if you wanted to hit few jumps you would be alright. It’s not really a park board because it is somewhat heavier than other boards, but the weight gives you less of a risk of the board breaking.

The board comes with a three year warranty and can be sent to the neversummer factory in Colorado if anything is wrong with the board. This board is a great  for anyone from an intermediate rider to a pro.