Eat ‘n Park’s “mini” problem: pick-up orders on the small size

Hoping to get a quick dinner on Saturday Dec. 1, everyone in the family bought a sandwich from the Eat ‘n Park Pick Up.  When they were brought home, and when all of the white Styrofoam containers were opened, everyone noticed that the orders that were made were obviously smaller.  No one could figure out what had happened with the orders.

 For example, one of the things ordered was a Philly cheese steak sandwich ($6.99), and all that came with that was a six inch sandwich with toppings.  There were no sides included, no drink and it was more than the price in the restaurant. If the Philly cheese steak was paid for and consumed in the restaurant, it would have only cost $5.29 (  There is no explanation as to why the sandwich cost more ordered out than it would in the restaurant.

 When people order their food at a restaurant, it should be of the same quality as the original when they would go into the restaurant to eat.  There should be no exceptions to the menu.  If someone orders a sandwich, then it should be asked if the person wants a drink or a side with his or her order.  And the prices should be reasonable and consistent.

Eat ‘n Park’s pick up problem