Reel Time

Welcome to Reel Time and this week our featured student is another one of the AAJHS ninth grader, Sierra Bettwy. Bettwy’s favorite movie is Cyberbully. The movie is about one young teenager Taylor Hillridge who decides to join a social networking site after getting a new laptop for her birthday. Shortly after making this decision she becomes a victim of cyberbullying.

“My favorite actor in the movie is Emily Osment because shes plays a typical female teenager who is going through a situation like that with the other people in her school” said Bettwy. Osment plays the main character in the movie, Taylor Hillridge.

The producer of the film is Jesse Prupas. Prupas is also known for other films like Life of Pi and The Wolverine.

“My favorite scene is when her friends and her stand up to the bullies at school,” Bettwy said.

This movie is for those who aren’t afraid to cry and is a great movie for teens. It shows how bullying can seriously affect others even over the internet.