The Lorax Review

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The Lorax, based on a book by Dr. Seuss, came out into theaters in March of 2012. I went and saw it with my family and we loved it.

The storyline of the movie kept you watching throughout the whole thing. The movie had several different moods to it including, exciting, upsetting and humorous.

One of the challenges of turning children’s books into movies is that a twenty or thirty page story doesn’t usually fit into one whole movie about that book. The Lorax turns the original story into a flashback that takes up the middle part of the movie and then continues with the main story line. This helped me to have more understanding to the movie.

The most interesting part for me was at the beginning of the movie when The Lorax steps out from behind a curtain to inform us that the story we are about to see is not the exact same as the one we already know. The movie is based on a young boy who wants to find a real tree for the girl that he loves, but that means sneaking out of the city.

This movie is great for all ages in my opinion. The Lorax has made it to the top of my list for my favorite movies, and it definitely went above and beyond all of my expectations.