Athletes, actors need less homework

picture by Madison James

Ninth Grader Alex Weaver tips off the game sending the ball to altoonas side. #23 Josh Russo gets ready to get on offense

#32 Justin Charlten shoots to ad on to the board. Boys end up winning against state college.
#32 Justin Charlten shoots to ad on to the board. Boys end up winning against state college.

Many people involved in sports and drama have difficulty keeping up with their school work. Students who are involved in in-season sports should have no homework or less than students who are not involved in sports. Also, students who participate in school drama club after school should receive less homework too.

“Trying to make an A average and having cheerleading is difficult,”  Brooke Barnhart ninth grade maroon cheerleader said.

There might be the controversy on whether this would be fair to those students who do not participate in sports or drama, but after school those who are not involved  have hours  to work on their homework.

Recently, there has been emphasis on high-stake tests, so teachers are trying to do more with less by giving students more homework. Some people say that homework is helpful to achievement; however, it is timely. People involved in sports have practice for at least two hours after school, by the time they get home it will be around 6 o’clock. In the time dinner and other household obligations need to be completed it would become late. Students involved in drama can also have a few hours of practice on school nights.

“I usually don’t get home from gymnastics until 8:30, and I’m usually up until 12 doing homework, so it’s very hard to keep up with it all,” Allyssa Rispoli said.

IMG_1110     Homework completion is a large portion of grades. If athletes are granted less to no homework  their grades would be better. It is not fair that students interested in sports and the arts should have to struggle to keep up with their work. Being involved in sports is hard enough, the stressful practices and the difficulty of learning a play. Athletes should not have to worry about hours of school work too. Playing a sport requires a lot of determination and effort. The drama club brings in a large portion of money, students who participate in the play should be rewarded with no homework. If students are willing to give a school team their all, they should be cut a break on take home assignments.