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Listening to music between classes

Music can have a positive impact on students. Photo by Lynsey Davis.

In school, students tend to take a lot of exams and have many stressful classes. With some people, bullying and harassment might be a huge issue and music could be a huge escape.

Students have many tests throughout the school year, and it may become very stressful. Music can help some people deal with tests and people who harass others. It can be an escape to help with concentration and staying calm. Many people use music as a personal stress reliever. A simple song could get people excited to take a test or to go play sports.

When an athlete goes to get ready for a game, usually the person listens to some kind of upbeat music to help them prepare to play their sport. The music that people listen to before doing a certain activity that can be stressful is usually to benefit them. It is to help with people’s adrenaline. People need adrenaline sometimes to help with their sports performance. Adrenaline is kind of like a sudden burst of energy. Energy helps give you strength to eat, walk, run and to do other things.

According to, music can have many positive effects on it’s listeners. There is a new medicine that came out called music therapy. It claims to speed up the recovery process of patients. Aside from all of the health benefits with music, it can also be used to help creativity. Music can also have an effect on the person’s task performance.

If studies show that the task performance of people increases in a more positive way, then just think what it will do for the students! Music could help students pass more of their tests and it might also increase their performance in sports. Schools should allow their students to listen to music since it has many positive outcomes. So get a pair of headphones in and listen on!


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