Ninth grade needs free time

Ninth grade is a year that is remembered for great times, academically and socially. Lots of schools have free time, and many students feel that Altoona should. Having free time could improve students lives in many ways.

One problem all ninth graders run into at some point is the unbearable hunger from going six periods without a single bite of food. Providing students with the ability to bring in food and giving them even a ten minute break between fourth and fifth period could drastically improve students’ grades. It is hard to concentrate with no food to fuel your brain.

Another way a short break could prove successful is for the social aspects. It is hard to pay attention when something is waiting to be told, so a brief break could help students apply the concepts they’re learning. Also, sometimes a student feels more comfortable asking their friend a difficult question or reviewing with them instead of interrupting class to ask a teacher. A ten minute break could also help students organize their notebooks.

Many students struggle with their grades because of misplaced homework or messy binders, and three minutes in between classes will do little to nothing to help them get more organized. Another bad occurrence brought up by overloaded binders is they get worn down and will eventually break, sending papers flying everywhere. Even though this can be avoided by cleaning out binders before first period, it is a struggle for some kids who ride buses, for some of them do not arrive at school until after the bell or shortly before.

The final reason students need free time is because stress can be built up from all of the above reasons. Students tend to do worse academically, physically, socially and emotionally if they are stressed over such ridiculous reasons. A short break could greatly improve all conditions of a student and make their lives much easier. If seventh and eighth grade can have CBL basically as a catch up class and the high school has study halls, why can’t ninth grade have a short, study period. Ninth grade is the first official year of high school and grades, starting now, mean a lot to colleges, so why not give ninth grade free time.

The main point being brought up is that ninth grade needs a brief break in between classes. No one likes being hungry or distracted, especially while doing work, strenuous or casual. If every other grade in secondary school can get a full period of nothing, why can’t ninth grade even get a short break in-between two periods?